Our People

Our people are the core of our company. They make our business possible. The job often requires long hours under very difficult conditions. It demands a high amount of technical know-how and level-headedness when dangers are high and precision is paramount. Our work is not for the faint of heart.

jandjpowerline people

We never take for granted our employees’ ability to work hour after hour in emergency situations. They weather brutal ice and cold, muddy flood conditions, roaring thunderstorms, brutally hot summers, dizzying heights and electrical hazards. We’re proud of them and the job they do for our customers every season of the year.

Our family-owned company has grown to approximately 40 full-time employees. And numerous utility companies rely on our skills and dedication to help keep their power services running smoothly.

J&J Powerline employees find the work rewarding as well, and it shows in the long tenures they have with our company. A new apprentice lineman, for example, will go through a 4-year apprenticeship program just to develop their skills on the job.